Our Why

I woke up with an overflowing amount of gratitude in my heart. Last year during this same time frame, I begin to work with one our very first clients👗..….I initially went into this session very resistant to this role as a personal stylist, I actually didn’t even consider my client a client. She was a family member so I just saw it as a way of helping out with her closet and any fashion questions she may have …....however to my surprise it was through this experience that I truly unearthed my calling and knew I needed to continue further in a career as a personal stylist. I felt so fulfilled by helping her connect the dots when it came to fashion and it just made so full to make a positive impact in her day to day life

I immediately went home and contacted my graphic designer to whip me up a logo , ordered biz cards shortly after, scheduled a shoot for this here website and thus pushing Style and Grace Wardrobe Consulting into the world. 

Since then I have had the opportunity to work with so many other women through this company, our sister company Pearled Shoebox Vintage and other styling agencies. 

I have set so many goals for this firm’s future and have put many plans into motion....but today I just want to take it back to the beginning and show gratitude for the experience that gave me my reason why ❤️

Jas D Williams